Bible Study/Study Groups

First Christian Church offers several opportunities for adults to learn about faith, the Bible, and to ask some of the tough questions of life. We seek to be open, reflective and receptive to all who come. This is a place that offers a safe place for your doubts, your joys and your desire to grow deeper in faith, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

Whether you are a life-long Christian, or describe yourself as “spiritual, but not religious,” you will find a place at FCCNH.

Monday Night

Bible Study is a big part of First Christian Church North Hollywood in the education and understanding of the bible. On Monday nights we meet to share knowledge and have thought provoking interaction as we study the bible. We meet every Monday at 7:00 pm in the Educational Annex, September – June. Child Care will be provided. Please let us know if you will need this.

Creating a scene in Corinth
September 15 thru December 1

Once upon a time, during the 50’s of the 1st century, a woman named Chloe was the leader of a house church in Corinth. But she was very upset because, like some churches of today, her church was splitting apart. There were those who said there was only one true Apostle, and that’s Paul. The wealthier, more educated people said, “No, Paul’s just a poor tentmaker who can’t even speak well. We follow Apollos, the teacher of Wisdom.” The Jewish believers said, “Paul is too liberal. Peter follows the Law and he is our leader forever!” And the charismatic group of slaves said, “You are all wrong. We should be following Christ alone!” This is the setting for the New Testament books of 1 & 2 Corinthians.

“Creating A Scene in Corinth” draws you back in time to Chloe’s house church, which has just received a letter from its church planter and mentor, the apostle Paul. We will learn first-hand how the Corinthian believers were just as human as we are today—in our church life, in our families, and in the world at large. We will role-play the debates among early believers to gain new insights for facing today’s moral and spiritual dilemmas. And we will conclude our 12-week study with a first century Corinthian Agape meal.

This is going to be fun!
Led by Revs. Ed Esau and Louise Sloan Goben

Tuesday Morning

Our Tuesday morning "Spiritual Group group" intentionally offers both Bible Study and an opportunity for spiritual growth. We begin each session with Lectio Divina, an ancient practice of praying the scripture, before we begin our lessons. This is not the same lesson from the Monday night group, and it is offered in a more informal structure. We explore questions and ideas about what it means to live as Christians in a modern culture that sometimes scoffs at faith, or tries to narrow one's belief to either/or choices. Life is often complex, and sometimes there are just no easy answers to some of our most difficult questions.

We meet every Tuesday from 10:00am – 11:30am in the Youth Hut, September - June.

노스 헐리우드 교회에 서 한국어 성경 공부가 시작되었습니다.

이 시간에 당신은 하나님과의 관계 회복을 경험하게 될 것입니다.

매주 화요일 6:30분에, 헐리우드 교회의 도서실에서 함께합니다.

오셔서 새롭게 주님을 만나는 시간을 경험하십시오.

한국어 성경공부는 목회 상담가인 양영준 목사와 김영란 목사가 함께하십니다

English Translation
The time of Healing by the words of God,
The time of rebuild-up my faith in God,
The time of restore my relationship with the Lord.
Come and join us at 6:30pm on every Tuesday in the Library of FCCNH
The Korean Bible Study is led by Rev. Young Jun Yang and Rev. Young Lan Kim