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FCCNH needs your current information!

Use this page to send your current information to the church staff even if you think we already have it. Please double check all the information you type - an accurate directory is crucial for the church to work at full speed!   

For Family information: If there are multiple last names in your family, please note the related last names/relationships in the "Notes" section.

Privacy - You have the option to share your information with the congregation or just the office staff.
PLEASE NOTE: The directory will not be published on the website or the internet, only emailed to those who request a copy.

Church Directory & Newsletter - In order to help the environment and printing costs, please choose to receive these electronically.

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone #
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Work Phone # (optional)
E-mail Address
Birthdate (Month/Date/Year)
If you don't want to share your birth year, please enter "1900"
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Spouse/Partner First Name
Spouse/Partner Middle Name
Spouse/Partner Last Name
Spouse/Partner Cell Phone #
Spouse/Partner Work Phone # (optional)
Spouse/Partner E-mail Address
Spouse/Partner Birthdate (Month/Date/Year)

In the Notes area below, please list your children(s) name and birthdates.
Also please include any relationships (adult children, family members with different last names)
and any other special info you think the church should know for the directory.
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