Mission and Values

As we approach the millennium and beyond, we the people of the First Christian Church of North Hollywood shall continue our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the immediate community and beyond. This mission shall be accomplished with an emphasis on three things:

We recognize that we are all children of God; our love for each other knows no bounds. We profess our love for Jesus Christ and the desire to be members of the family of Christ. We recognize and accept all as members of the family of humanity.

By our belief in God and Jesus Christ, we will set our standards according to the life and teachings of Jesus. We will strive to live our lives by the example Jesus has shown to us.

We accept The Great Commission to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world; we recognize that this is accomplished by witness, example and action.

Commissioned by the 1996 Board of Directors
Mission Statement Committee
Kay Tate, Chair; Tom Amundsen, Terry Arter, Dan Savage, Ed Smith, Margaret Wilkes, Ann Wilson, Louise Sloan Goben, Robert M. Bock