Our largest service of worship is held every Sunday at 10:00am in our beautiful Sanctuary. Our Chancel Choir is well known and highly regarded in the community. They are accompanied by a 71-rank combination pipe and state of the art digital Rogers Organ. Adults and children are invited to worship together. After a special “children’s message” our younger Disciples are dismissed to Sunday School classes. The Lord’s Supper is observed each Sunday and all are welcome to participate in this celebration. All services of worship are intended to help worshipers in their walk of faith by inspiring and challenging us to be servants of Jesus Christ.

Upbeat/Informal/Praise Band
“Come as you are” to our casual service with the Praise Music Band on Sunday afternoons at 5:30pm. This is a service of praise, fellowship, communion and spiritual inspiration. The 5:30pm service is not just an alternative to traditional worship, but an opportunity to demonstrate that the presence of God is with us at all times, not just in formal worship settings. Praise music, much of it original and composed for this service, lifts to inspire us as a spiritual community.

Healing & Prayer
Each Sunday evening at 7:00pm we offer a quiet, meditative service of praise, prayer and anointing. This service offers all the elements vital to Disciples worship, including the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. This is augmented by an extended time of prayer where worshipers are invited to light candles, pray silently, sit at the foot of the cross, or to join with prayer partners who offer anointing with Frankincense as we pray together. For those who chose, we also offer healing prayer through the laying on of hands. This is a gentle service that both ends the weekend and prepares to begin fresh the new week strengthened by prayer with others.

Guided Meditation
Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm as we come to meet the Spirit of God. We will pray, we will listen, we will celebrate communion together and we will allow God to touch our lives and meet our most inner needs. Through guided meditation, as well as silence, we will share a journey of discovery. Be still and Know the Power, the Light and the Presence of God in your life.

The second Wednesday of each month from 8-9pm, following the meditation service, we have our Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry (HTSM). HTSM is healing prayer that affirms the rich tradition of Jesus’ healing ministry as well as the traditional role of the church in healing and anointing with prayer and touch. “Is any among you sick?  Call for the elders of the church and have them pray… and anoint with oil.”  (James 5:14) We come seeking healing, and we come to learn how to bring that healing with us into the world. Join us for this group designed for beginners and the experienced alike.

The class is lead by Rev. Louise Sloan-Goben who is a certified practioner and instructor of HTSM