Sunday Morning Service at 10:00am in the Sanctuary
Join a diverse, friendly community whose hospitality knows no boundaries. Just as Christ welcomed all to His flock, so do we, with no limitations. At this family-oriented service, dynamic preaching is combined with moving music from our renowned Chancel and Youth Choirs featuring a blend of classical, rousing gospel, and inspirational contemporary music. The great traditional hymns, accompanied by our 71-rank Rogers pipe organ, are always sung, but on any given Sunday worshippers may find themselves invited to sing or hear inspirational popular songs too.

We celebrate Holy Communion every week and everyone is invited to participate.

Children worship with their parents in the beginning of the service, and enjoy a special Children's Message before leaving for their Sunday School classes. Nursery care is always provided by a trained and attentive staff. Off-street parking is available in the parking lot on the South side of the sanctuary.

SpiritSong Worship Service at 5:30pm in the Social Hall
Join this community that comes together each week to discover new opportunities and ways to serve through inspirational videos, vibrant preaching and passionate prayer. Our worship band of professional musicians, led by dynamic worship leader Josh Elson, leads us in songs of praise and adoration and prayerful reflection.

A time for praise and worship together, this service is also a time of fellowship and a chance to meet new friends. Enjoy refreshments at our hospitality table throughout the service. We welcome all, no matter where you are on your faith journey. And come casual!

Make your life a story worth telling. Join others who want to make a difference in our world and have chosen to follow Christ's gospel of love by serving others. Each week we focus on the many ways the FCCNH family reaches out to support, lift up and serve people locally and globally. Join us.

Evenlight Service at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary
A quiet, meditative candlelight service where you can experience the presence of God in your life. The Evenlight service begins with gentle ambient music and the power of prayerful silence and reflection. Each service includes a spiritual reading of Scriptures, known as Lectio Divina, an ancient practice of allowing the Holy Spirit to help us understand Scripture in new ways for our lives.

Communion is celebrated every week. Participants are invited to light candles during this meditative time and our pastors and elders are available to offer personal one-on-one prayer, including healing touch prayer, or the laying on of hands and annointing for those who choose to receive.

This service is a beautiful way to start your week in a place of calm and peace, and with the reassurance of God's abiding love.

Guided Meditation
Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm as we come to meet the Spirit of God. We will pray, we will listen, we will celebrate communion together and we will allow God to touch our lives and meet our most inner needs. Through guided meditation, as well as silence, we will share a journey of discovery. Be still and Know the Power, the Light and the Presence of God in your life.

The second Wednesday of each month from 8-9pm, following the meditation service, we have our Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry (HTSM). HTSM is healing prayer that affirms the rich tradition of Jesus’ healing ministry as well as the traditional role of the church in healing and anointing with prayer and touch. “Is any among you sick?  Call for the elders of the church and have them pray… and anoint with oil.”  (James 5:14) We come seeking healing, and we come to learn how to bring that healing with us into the world. Join us for this group designed for beginners and the experienced alike.

The class is lead by Rev. Louise Sloan-Goben who is a certified practioner and instructor of HTSM