Evenlight Worship 7pm – First Christian Church of North Hollywood

Evenlight Worship 7pm

Sundays in the Chapel

Evenlight is a quiet, meditative candlelight service where you can experience the presence of God in your life.  The Evenlight serivce begins with gentle ambient music and the power of prayerful silence and reflection. Each service includes a spiritual reading of Scriptures, known as Lectio Divina, an ancient practice of allowing the Holy Spirit to help us understand Scripture in new ways for our lives.

Communion is celebrated every week. Participants are invited to light candles during this meditative time and our pastors and elders are available to offer personal one-on-one prayer, including healing touch prayer, or the ‘layng on of hands’ and annointing for those who choose to receive.

This service is a beautiful way to start your week in a place of calm and peace, and with the reassurance of God’s abiding love.