Thanksgiving in the Park
November 21, 2015

Do Jesus’ work this holiday season for those less fortunate! The Human Needs Committee is looking for help feeding the homeless November 21st—the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We need volunteers to
work as well as donations: financial, food (including full turkeys or hams), warm clothing, jackets, sleeping bags or bedding. We request that if you donate a turkey or ham that it be COOKED.
Drop off PREPARED FOODS on Saturday, November 21st between 10:30 am and 11:30 am

Please call us and let us know what you are donating—this will help us to plan any shopping we may need to do in order to fill the gaps in supplies.
Kathy Dantagnan at 818.314.4015 or Deborah Luster at 323.854.6707

• COOKED Turkey or COOKED Ham
• Rolls
• Desserts
• Vegetables (mashed potatoes, corn, yams, green beans, etc.)
• Sturdy Plastic Utensils & Paper Goods

Cold weather is tough for the homeless. Please bring coats, sweaters or blankets that you no longer use or need and donate them for our ministry to the homeless in North Hollywood Park. Thank you!
PLEASE NOTE: In case of rain, we would also appreciate the loan of popup tents or portable canopies.

Concert Series
First Christian Church of North Hollywood is delighted offer a series of Concerts. These concerts are a wonderful opportunity to relax, enjoy beautiful music, and to be inspired by the talents of truly gifted musicians. Each season there is an exciting kaleidoscope of musical gems, which keeps us looking forward to some wonderful concerts and musical treasure hunts. Please join us often in our beautiful sanctuary to be uplifted and blessed. Please check back for new dates!

Beverly Hills Outlook has named the California String Quartet, Instrumental Ensemble of the Year for 2012 and FCCNH is mentioned as the venue!

Labyrinth Walks & Quadratos

A Labyrinth is a sacred path, a pilgrimage.  A chance to meditate and commune with the Divine.  This ancient tool of transformation has only one path, unlike a maze, and allows the walker to make their way to the center, releasing that which does not serve.  The walker will fill up and allow illumination at the center, before journeying outward with a deeper sense of union and understanding of The Sacred.  

The Labyrinth at FCCNH is a Chartres design Labyrinth.  One of the most famous examples of a Chartres Labyrinth is at Chartres Cathedral in The Loire Valley, France. Our Chartres is 36 feet in diameter and allows for numerous walkers to journey, all at the same time. A Labyrinth walk is extremely personal to the walker, and as such, no one can tell you how to 'do' a labyrinth, merely give suggestions for the road. All are always welcome.

Please check back for our 2016 dates.