What We Believe

Much like the earliest followers of Jesus, our congregation is a diverse community of families and individuals. Many of us are transplants from elsewhere in the country. Some of our fellow disciples drive from Ventura, Palm Springs, Canyon Country, and Long Beach. However, the vast majority of us live in the valley. Because of who we are and what we believe, our church is a community of belonging. All belong because all are God's beloved. In some communities, you have to believe a certain thing, act a particular way, and then - and only then - can you belong. First Christian Church of North Hollywood is a community for the rest of us. We start with being a community of belonging. From there, we can wrestle with life's deepest questions in an authentic community.

First Christian Church is a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. This statement is more than words or simply a profession of faith. It is the only question we ask when one wishes to affiliate with First Christian. There are no other creeds or confessions that act as a test of faith.

We believe that the Lord’s Table is open and inclusive.

Communion, celebrated weekly, is open to all who confess Jesus as the Christ. Around the table is a constant reminder that Jesus gave his life for us.

We believe in the ministry of all believers.

While there are ministers on the staff, each member and participant of the church has gifts. We seek to use our gifts together, as the body of Christ.

We believe in the love of unity.

We believe that we are to work together as denominations to be the witnesses of Christ. In short, we believe that we are Christians only and not the only Christians.

We believe in the justice of God.

We are called to love and serve all of God’s people. We serve the marginalized and distressed in our community and around the world.